2017 Solar Eclipse

The 2017 Solar Eclipse + Lost Trail Cabins

If you are as excited as we are about the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 then Lost Trail Cabins is the place you need to be! Our area in near the point of Greatest Duration* with viewing time around 2 minutes  36seconds of total darkness. With Lost Trail Cabins being located outside of the larger towns in the area, like Carbondale, you won’t have to compete with the crowds and bustle to enjoy this celestial event. We are currently offering a primitive tent camping experience for the solar eclipse weekend and you don’t want to miss it! What is primitive camping you ask? Read below to learn more about primitive tent camping, the rates and more!

Field Primitive Tent Camping:

  • Includes a 60 x 100 camping lot.
  • Access to port-a-pot.
  • Access to hand washing station.
  • Access to water spigot.
Private Shaded Primitive Tent Camping:
  • Includes 60 x 100 camping lot.
  • Access to port-a-pot.
  • Access to hand washing station.
  • Access to water spigot.
  • Shaded more private lot area.
All areas include a secluded viewing of the 2017 Solar Eclipse. Lost Trail Cabins is located up on a hill with clear views to the sky allowing you to get the best view of the eclipse without dealing with the busy crowds in the bigger cities.  


  • Field Primitive Tent Camping $250/weekend.
  • Private Shaded Primitive Tent Camping $350/weekend.
  • Primitive tent camping lots are only available to rent for the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
  • Check-in for both the Field Primitive Tent Camping and Private Shaded Primitive Tent Camping sites is Friday at 1PM CST.
  • Check-out for both is Monday at 4PM CST.
  • You can extend your stay until Tuesday in the Field Primitive Tent Camping ONLY for an extra fee of $50.
  • A credit card is require to reserve your camping lot.
  • Cash payment will be due upon arrival for your stay.

Ready to book? Primitive Tent Camping sites can only be booked by calling 618-426-3721


Helpful tips…

  • If you want a private shaded tent primitive camping lot book soon. The private lots are limited with only 8 available.
  • Make sure to bring everything you need for your stay (food, personal items etc.). This area will become VERY congested and going to town for items will be more difficult.
  • Bring your eye safety glasses. Make sure you have the approve eye wear for viewing the eclipse. Looking directly at the sun may cause eye damage.
Fun Facts…
  • Lost Trail Cabins is located near the point of Greatest/Longest Duration (not to be confused with the point of greatest eclipse located in Kentucky). This location has the longest eclipse duration when the irregularities of the moon’s limb (due to mountains and valleys) are taken into account. Finally, the point of longest duration is not the same as the point of greatest eclipse. The definition for the Greatest Duration is defined as the instant when the duration of totality reaches a maximum along the path of a total eclipse. The calculation of greatest duration requires an accurate lunar limb profile to account for the effects of mountains and valleys around the circumference of the Moon on the duration of totality. The length of totality calculated at greatest duration may differ by 1-2 seconds compared with greatest eclipse, and the geographic location may differ by a hundred kilometers or more (as found on Eclipse Wise).

The map above shows the exact point of Greatest Duration.

The map above shows the location of Lost Trail Cabins in comparison to the Greatest Duration location and the path of the totality.

  Note: Small items such as bottled water and other various things may be available for purchase at the camp site.  
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