Rental Policy

Rental Agreement


You must be 21 or older to rent a cabin.  The number of people in your cabin shall not exceed the number that was placed  when you made your reservation.  Check in time begins at 3:00.  Check out time is 11:00. Cancellations must be made at least ten days prior to your reservation date. If not you will be charged full cabin rent on the days you reserved, unless the cabins on those dates have been rented in which you will be refunded a full refund. Rates may fluctuate through out the year.  We reserve the right to cancel any reservation  that has not been paid in full.  We reserve the right to vacate any guest that has violated any  part of  this rental agreement. Smoking is not allowed in the cabins. Tampering with the electronics in the cabin or misuse of them will not be tolerated.  For example disconnecting, reconnecting, rewiring, or broken. You are responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged contents in the cabin and the cabin itself during your stay.  Lost Trail Cabins are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal contents of our guests. You are responsible for any actions you or your guests take or do. You will be required  to follow the cleaning policy and care of the cabin during your stay as explained below.


Cleaning Policy


There is no cleaning fee as long as these simple rules are followed.  Dishes must be washed.  Trash cans should have a bag in them at all times and when full placed outside in the dumpster.  Used towels should  be placed in the tub or hamper provided.  All cabin contents should be placed back where you got them .  Please try to clean any spills that would occur such as on the floor, microwave etc!  A $20.00 cleaning fee will be charged if  we feel any of these have been violated.

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